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The Incredible True Story of

A Heart Returned

Juliette Brisman’s 34 year old husband Mark, kissed her and their 2 preschool children goodbye that beautiful sunny morning and left for his job at the World Trade Center. That was goodbye forever.

Or so she thought...

A Heart Returned is a moving and poignant true story you won’t soon forget: A memoir that will challenge your ideas about loss and the ties that bind.

Director of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

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“A personal account of the impact of an unprecedented American tragedy. All of America and the world remember the horror of the 9/11 terrorist attacks; but Juliette Brisman brings the critical perspective of a family ripped apart, with lasting consequences. Her courage and determination in writing A Heart Returned will never provide personal closure, but will offer strength and support for 9/11 victims, their families, and the American people. Required reading.”

- Kenneth R. Feinberg, Administrator of the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund of 2001

About the Author

Juliette Brisman is a 9/11 widow, who after focusing on raising her family and healing from loss, trained as a bereavement counselor and subsequently attained licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. In her first book A Heart Returned, Juliette offers hope and lessons learned through her own true and remarkable story of coping with devastating loss. With the unique perspective gained through a trained therapist lens, her book is a gift to those seeking healing, hope and meaning in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

This book is a recollection of real-life events: Events that helped shape my personal grief journey as well as what I experienced along the way. While it is not a true ‘self help’ book, the themes and “lessons” found in the book can be useful to readers.
“A Heart Returned” is currently available through Amazon.
This book is for Inspiring Story readers, Memoir Readers, those interested in 9/11, “Only Parents” seeking guidance, or anyone else who feels they will benefit from its message of hope and healing.
“A Heart Returned is approximately 225 pages.
This story is written by me, Juliette Brisman, and is a first-hand account of everything that happened as I experienced it. It is a combination of my own recollections as well as actual letters and correspondence.
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