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It doesn’t get better. You get better.”
– Joan Rivers
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My Story

I started life as a “city kid” in the Bronx, NY and was exposed to a variety of other kids from all walks of life. Moving to Long Island was the first time I can remember dealing with a major adjustment or “loss” at the time, but it would be far from my last. At the crossroads of pursuing my acting career, I instead decided to “settle down”, marrying the love of my life and raising a family.
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Everything changed in an instant.

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All at once my life was completely different , and I had to learn how to navigate around grief, loss, and major life changes, this time on my own. I was totally lost, caught between trying to hold on to old norms and create a whole new life for myself. It seemed everyone else had the tools I did not, and all the experts had the answers just outside my grasp. Finally, my therapist told me “You are the one you’ve been waiting for”, and everything clicked. I became determined to help others avoid my mistakes, and at the age of 50, transformed my life to help others like me.

It is personal journey with professional experience to inspire and assist others in leading the lives they imagined.

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As a licensed family therapist, I’ve helped motivate hundreds of people to mobilize their existing resources, tap into their own abilities, or learn the skills they need to surpass some of life’s hardest challenges and achieve success. I know first-hand the process of overcoming grief, pursuing growth, and maintaining gratitude. If you are in the Connecticut area and are motivated for change, book an appointment today!

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